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I'm Alexander Jones, architect at MrJonesEdition, DisruptionTalk, and SocialPlan. I write about Disruption, and artificial intelligence. I bring niche talent acquisition, social media, and target audience insights to the enterprise. My book Get Answers: 100 Google Commands makes life simple.



MrJonesEdition, data analytics and social media firm.

Disruption, identifying new wave business models and intersections with lifestyle.

SocialPlan, the multidisciplinary social media marketing plan for target audience.

PassionBeOurGuide, global real-time virtual business incubator.

Leisure And, high fashion brand and virtual business accelerator program.

Opine, streaming the most innovative technologies, training, and services.

WOO AHOY!, coworking popup powered by a mobile cloud.


Data Analytics + Business Intelligence
7, September 2017, Chicago
FinTank Chicago, September session guest speaker Alexander Jones demonstrates how Big Data, and Social Media become a powerful analytics tool to increase brand awareness, talent acquisition, and sales revenues.

Game of Thrones Viewing Party
27, August 2017, Chicago
1871 Chicago, For any entrepreneur, making the right business decisions are important. Guest speaker Alexander Jones identifies how to build and learn from Daenerys, and Jon as they navigate the age-old task of leadership.


This Week on Instagram: World Entrepreneurs' Day, Momentum Countdown, and an Eclipse


Alexander Jones is an American entrepreneur. He is the founder of MrJonesEdition, DisruptionTalk, and SocialPlan. His mission is rooted in education policy with his start with EP.16.80. Final, making non-western General Education requirement at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Further helping to educate human capital to source diversified datasets for deep learning models, and artificial intelligence. He believes a multidisciplinary approach is key. He believes resilient societies will unleash, and embrace the potential of individuals.

He launched a data analytics and social media firm housed in Chicago’s technology and entrepreneurship center 1871. He later became the Director of AI Programming at FinTank, Chicago’s financial technology incubator. He is a great speaker, and inspires individuals to realize their potential. He imagines, designs, and speaks on multidisciplinary artificial intelligence, disruption, distributed systems, and smart economies. He enjoys bringing niche talent acquisition, social media, and target audience insights to the enterprise.


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